Colorado Hawks Soccer Rules and Regulations


Colorado Hawks Soccer Club


(IAW CHSC BY-Law Article XII)


The Colorado Hawks Soccer Club, hereinafter referred to as CHSC, is a completely volunteer organization. Nevertheless, when one accepts a position within the body one also accepts obligations of high moral and ethical standards of abiding by the “letter of the law” and of working with a positive attitude. CHSC forms teams to compete at appropriate levels of competitive and non-competitive play in CYS approved leagues.

The Club chooses coaches and players for recreational and competitive teams; then forms and registers these teams with the CYS, in accordance with these rules and regulations contained herein.


a. The Club shall be governed by these rules and regulations, By-Laws and the Constitution.

b. Where there is a conflict between these rules and CYS operating procedures, rules or regulations, then those documents will take precedence.


a. Competitive teams.

Competitive teams are formed from players selected by Club appointed evaluators during Club sponsored try-outs. These teams compete in the CYS competitive divisions.

b. Recreational or Developmental teams.

These are teams, which compete within CYS approved leagues formed from players not selected during the Club sponsored try-outs.


a. Coaches desiring to form a Recreational/Developmental team shall make written application to the Club’s Board of Directors. The Board will select the coaches for the coming season and announce their selection at club meetings. Applicants will be notified by mail of their acceptance or rejection by the Board. Applicants will also be notified of the age group and team that they will coach.

b. Coaches desiring to form a Recreational/developmental team should notify the Club no later than the 30thof June of each year. The Board will announce their acceptance or rejection of each application at each subsequent Club Meeting, but not before Recreational teams are formed. The Board will announce coaches selected under these procedures to the Club at each subsequent Club Meeting.

c. All coaches will be identified with a team for a specific age group, and sex. Coaches of competitive teams will choose their players from a slate of selected players. Coaches of recreational/developmental teams may use players not selected at the Club’s try-outs.


a. Player Selection

i. Upon selection and announcement of coaches for select teams for the coming season, the Board can direct mail announcing try-outs, by age group and sex, to all soccer players registered with CYS. The announcements will be mailed at least two weeks prior to the first try-out day. Players are encouraged to try-out within their own age group.

ii. Coaches of recreational/developmental teams may choose players as they wish. However, competitive players may not be added to a recreational/developmental team without notifying the coach of the team for which the player was selected and assigned. Player registration must be transferred by the registrar before the player can compete with the new team.

b. Player Eligibility

Players must comply with CHSC and CYS rules and procedures regarding eligibility.

c. Player Registration

Coaches are encouraged to register their players as soon as possible after selection of players and formation of the team. This is done by having each selected player complete the required parts of the Registration Package. The completed Registration Package should be forwarded to the Club registrar, as soon as registrations are prepared and fees paid. The Club will announce registration fees for the new season at the AGM. The registrar will announce registration deadlines for the select and non-select teams as agreed upon by the Executive Board.



a. No teams should be formed until a coach has been selected, and players chosen from the player slate developed by evaluators as a result of Club sponsored tryouts. Coach applicants may not recruit players for their proposed teams, nor misrepresent themselves as coaching a select team. All recruitment efforts for select players must be directed solely to encouraging players to try-out for a competitive soccer team.

b. Coaches selected by the Club, and who have chosen their players as stipulated by these procedures, are considered as having formed their team.

c. All select coaches will hold a meeting in April of each year for parents, players, and coaches.

d. Coaches may decide on final roster size not to exceed CYS maximum limit.


a. Recreational/Developmental teams may be formed by the club or by the coach. No recreational team may hold try-outs. Coaches are encouraged to have players sign up their friends, buddies, siblings, and classmates as space becomes available on their team.

b. Coaches may decide on final roster size not to exceed CYS maximum limit. Coaches should provide the Club with their team’s expected size.

d. New players or players that do not want to return to their team will be placed in a player pool from which existing teams can draw. Excess players will be formed into prospective teams and parents contacted for available coaches with the overall goal of providing a team for each player within reason.

e. Training opportunities and Mentoring will be provided to all new coaches.

f. Coaches have until 15th of June to add players from the player pool to existing teams, at which time the Registration committee will start the formation of new teams.

g. The member organizations of CYS, and CYS shall be open to any soccer players, coaches, trainers, managers, administrators, officials and any amateur soccer organization within the territory of the CYS officials not subject to suspension under section 4 of Bylaw 241, USSF, CYS, USYS or USSF Bylaws, Rules and Procedures, included but not limited to USSF Bylaw 241, Section 4.


h. CYS and its member organizations will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, age, sex or national origin.






The Club colors are: Red, White, and Black. The teams shall wear the uniforms as voted on and approved by the Club Board of Directors. Teams must submit their choice of uniform and team color for approval.


All rules of competition shall be determined by the leagues in which the teams of this Club shall participate.



i. Play by the rules

ii. Be a team player

iii. Never argue with officials or question their decisions

iv. Cooperate with your coach and teammates

v. Be sporting to your opponents at all times

vi. Have a positive attitude and encourage others to do their best

vii. Abstain from profanity

viii. Attend team functions


i. I will do my utmost to promote sportsmanship, leadership, and education in the field of soccer. Reference: profanity, ungentlemanly conduct, winning at all costs, and conduct of players and spectators.

ii. I will have an assistant coach, team manager and/or parent who will assume responsibility in my absence. In the case of a coach who is under 21 years of age, he/she will have an adult supervisor.

iii. I will agree to hold a minimum of two practices a week prior to the start of the season.

iv. I will submit the team name for any Exchange and/or special competitions if a majority of the parents will participate and commit themselves to go as chaperones.

v. I will do my best to maintain a high morale on my team. In the event of problems, I will try to resolve them. If this is not possible, I will inform the CHSC Executive Board of said problem and allow them to intervene.

vi. In the event the CHSC Executive Board has received complaints regarding my coaching or problems on my team, I will cooperate with them in resolving the problem.

vii. I will agree to have a sportsmanship-like name for my team in accordance with a CHSC Executive Board ruling which states the CHSC Executive Board will approve all team names before being affiliated with CYA.

viii. I will attend at least one coaching clinic to improve my personal skills as a coach. I will encourage my assistant coach, team manager, and team parents to do the same. This is a requirement to be fulfilled prior to the start of the 2010 soccer season.

ix. I will be responsible for all uniforms and equipment issued to me by CHSC.

x. I will read and abide by the F.I.F.A. rules of soccer.

xi. I will report any unusual events occurring during a game to the CHSC as soon as possible after the game. Reference: Red Card to coach or player, fights, misconduct, or failure of the referee to show up.

xii. I will either be responsible or delegate responsibility for informing parents and players of all events pertaining to my team or regarding CHSC activities.

xiii. I will either be responsible or delegate responsibility to insure that a referee report is submitted after every game.

xiv. All matters affecting CHSC or needing clarification or verification will be channeled through CHSC rather than going directly to any parent organization such as Colorado Youth Soccer (CYS), United States Soccer Federation (USSF), etc. Any variance from this rule will be brought to the attention of the Executive Board.

xv. A team shall be permitted to have a maximum of eighteen (18) registered players. Any change in the original roster shall be made through the Club Registrar, who will forward the proper form to CYS.

xvi. All players who are legal and suited up will participate in the game.

xvii. A team shall be considered disbanded when its responsible coach, officers, or parent club have informed the CHSC of its termination, or when the Executive Board declares, after an investigation, that the team has disbanded, or failed to complete membership requirements in Article VIII, Section 2 of the Bylaws.


i. Show sportsmanship and enthusiasm

ii. Encourage players to play by the rules

iii. Applaud good play, both your team and opponents

iv. Show respect for officials, do not protest their decisions

v. Support your team and coaching staff

vi. As a parent, stand by your commitment and responsibilities.


a. The Club recommends that each team establish an administrative organization for the management of the team’s business.

b. Coaches should abstain from being managers and coaches concurrently, by selecting a team manager as early as possible. The Club will include in the coaches Team Packet, the “How to” guide for implementing Team administration.


The Club recommends that each team hold periodic business meetings for the purpose of maintaining coach-parent harmony, player satisfaction, or to decide on special issues. All teams are required to hold at least one meeting at the beginning of the season.


All teams are self-supporting. Coaches are advised that when forming teams, the first order of business is to inform parents and players of expected and upcoming expenses, activities, and competitions, and their respective share of the costs. Parents should be informed that fund raising activities or sponsors can help alleviate some of these costs.